Welcome to the Pittsfield Economic Development Authority’s (PEDA) web site. PEDA is a quasi-public agency created by a special act of the Massachusetts State Legislature, for the purpose of being the recipient and redeveloper of approximately 52 acres of General Electric Company’s former industrial facility located in the heart of Pittsfield Massachusetts. This development, known today as the William Stanley Business Park, has three of its parcels occupied with ten prime building sites available for new business and industry.

PEDA’s work must be transparent, fiscally and socially responsible, economically, socially and environmentally sustainable, consistent, inclusive, and equitable. PEDA will accomplish this by collaboration, market focus, clustering and accountability.

PEDA must work with businesses to pave the way for their development and expansion. It must work with citizen groups, environmental groups, and labor to ensure they participate in the economic growth of the area. In addition, PEDA must work closely with the City of Pittsfield, the Federal government (EPA), and State government (DEP), to ensure the public sector offers a supportive role for businesses and a regulatory level appropriate for the public safety and health of the Community.

Please explore our site. We ask for your comments, questions, and suggestions to improve or enhance our site Thank you for your interest in PEDA.